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This is officially my first “yearly review” blog post. That’s good news – I’ve made it through a full 365 days with Brightwood!

I never realized it until recently, but this year was pretty important to me. My first full year as a college graduate and business owner, traveling to New Zealand for 5 weeks with my girlfriend, spending time with friends, adventuring around the Western coast with friends and loved ones, and sharing stories of people who have trusted me enough to welcome me into their lives on their wedding day.

I had my doubts about venturing into the world of full time wedding photography and I still do. Somehow though, it was a success. To some degree at least. I still have a lot of learning to do, but I think I accomplished a lot for just the start. It’s a shame that I still can’t grow a very good beard.

There was a lot of indecision about which photos to show in this recap, so I left a lot of them in there. Below is a glimpse into my weddings and adventures, all in the order in which this collective story unfolded.

Welcome home.

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