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Way back when, in 2010, two friends and myself embarked on an expected 4 or 5 day (turned out to be 3 because lack of water = hitchhiking) hike through Zion National Park known as the Trans Zion Trek. Recently coming back to the States after studying in New Zealand for 6 months, I was ready to hit the trail and spend some time outside. This actually ended up being my first backpacking trip in my home country and it sure was great.

However, my reason behind posting these photos wasn’t to specifically share my story of this trip. With this whole government shutdown happening overnight, I’ve slowly realized how big of an impact this is having on our National Parks. Everything is closed. Even their website is shutdown. It’s extremely sad to think places with such beauty as this scattered all throughout our country are currently inaccessible. For someone like me who lives in a concrete jungle such as Los Angeles, these places are my paradise – where my soul is replenished and my mind wanders.

I sure hope the issue in Washington, DC is fixed soon so I can go back to enjoying my paradise.

So for now instead of talking more about the problems, I figured it could do everyone some good to let their minds wander at home. These photos tell the story of our 3 day trek through Zion National Park. From the northern tip to the bottom near Angel’s Landing, the Trans Zion Trek is home to some incredible diversity and one of my favorite parks on the west.

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