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Paola + Ted // Mammoth Lakes Adventure Love Story

I’ve been wanting to shoot an Adventure Love Story in Mammoth Lakes ever since I stopped through this summer on the John Muir Trail. It’s a small mountain town nestled on the back of the Sierra’s, but it’s filled with so many lakes, rivers, and gorgeous mountains – a giant playground for any outdoor enthusiast.

We showed up to Convict Lake in the afternoon and hopped out of the car to an icy chill. I was tipped off about this place from a buddy of mine and dang, he nailed it. As soon as you turn the corner, these massive mountains are thrown at you. I’m pretty sure we could have spent hours walking through this area, sitting on the rocks and listening to the waves crash against the shore (we’d probably freeze to death though).

Before the sun started to dip down, we made our way through town and into more of the local mountains. In the summertime, this whole area is open along the Twin Lakes region – a network of lakes dotting this little mountain range. However in the winter, it’s freezing cold, everything is frozen, and the road is closed. Fun! I’m pretty sure that my were numb within 10 minutes of being outside, but hey, I’m a wimp in the cold. Ted and Paola powered through it, jumped and walked around the snow, and braved some pretty fierce winds coming off the lakes. 

The following morning, we shuttled over to the main lodge area to try and get higher up on the mountain. Unfortunately we were looking at 70+ mph winds at the summit, so we went about 3/4 way up and headed out into the cold (and still strong) wind. These views were crazy. So so so pretty. And props to everyone for some ankle to knee deep post-holing while walking through all of the snow. Cold and wet socks = no fun, but good photos! 

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