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Bridal Expo – How To Make A Wood Pallet Wall

Last week I decided to sign up for my first wedding expo, which gave me a little over a week to set everything up and figure out what I was going to do. With the help of some awesome friends and family, we were able to finish everything on time but I definitely learned that a week is not enough time to accomplish this without stress. I’ve recently been following Jasmine Star’s ReSTARt program, which is aimed to help photographers rebrand their business over a three month period but what I’ve gotten out of it is more a community and network of people looking to help each other. Through the group on Facebook, Ashley Goodwin suggested a pallet background and I loved the idea so much that I immediately began looking up tutorials on how to build a freestanding wall. I wasn’t able to find anything similar to what I wanted to create, so I went to Home Depot and did things on my own. I forgot my camera while I was building everything, so I decided to document everything with my iPhone and VSCOCam.

I’ll be posting more photos from the actual show at some point tomorrow, but for now here’s a little behind the scenes of how everything was put together.

I wasn’t able to find any pallets for free in such a short amount of time, but I was able to find a shipping company that sold them for a few dollars per pallet.

A ton of different options for building angles and braces, which quickly become very overwhelming. Eventually I ended up going with an angled piece of metal that was about 6″ long on either side. In addition to that, I used 6 pieces 2″x4″x8′ and used them to brace the sides of the pallets. 2′ pieces of wood were used as the brace on the bottom to make sure the wall didn’t fall backwards on anyone.

Here’s the back of the full assembled wall, which shows how the wood was all put together to keep the pallets safe and sturdy.

No stencil was used in painting the Brightwood “B” on the center pallet. My awesome girlfriend hand painted the entire logo and it couldn’t have looked better.

Found some awesome pieces of wood at Michaels and chalkboard paint!

Samantha made some delicious sugar cookies to hand out to everyone who passed by the booth.

More hand-painted logos on cookies, which turned out looking amazing (and delicious)!

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