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Artifact Uprising and The Story of Adventure

I often find myself in a void when returning from trips that kept my shutter clicking and my mind wandering. I look through all of my photos, I set them as backgrounds, I talk about them with friends, and I let my memory run wild as I re-imagine the moment my finger clicked the shutter. But after a while, that feeling of wanderlust can disappear and I’m left staring at photos on my screen, no longer grasping the full story or knowing what to do with them. I’ve shared photos on Instagram, I’ve tagged myself on Facebook, and I’ve tweeted my favorites to various companies. Until recently, most of my photos have stopped at this point, only to get moved onto an external hard drive and sadly forgotten. When I got back home from New Zealand last month, I made it my mission to not let these photos dissapear. To figure out some way to preserve the stories and memories in more than just a digital file.

While browsing around on Twitter, I came across a semi-new book printing company known as Artifact Uprising. They had a cool style, I liked their mission, their books looked great – so I ordered one. I had not planned on creating a book of any sorts but I realized that there is so much more emotional power in holding a physical series of photographs and flipping through as if the days wipe across one by one. Instantly I was taken back to the rushing waterfalls, the crisp mountain air, and the quiet sunrises. I feel so refreshed to finally have a new medium of preserving my stories and I’m excited to use Artifact Uprising on all of my future journeys.

Why I like them: Upon first entering their website, I was instantly drawn to this company. Their style, imagery, colors – basically everything about their work pulled me in to learn more. As I read more about their mission, I learned that they print on all recycled material to minimize their footprint on the outdoors. I thought this would be the perfect partner for my story of New Zealand. Their core values consist of Creativity, Community, Leave a Legacy, The Power of One, Passion, Environmental Responsibility, and Authenticity. What’s not to love about them?

The design process: Couldn’t have been easier. You upload your photos onto their website, drag and drop onto various page layouts and you’re on your way. Their helpful layouts take out the guessing work of sizing, but leave you with full creative control.

Customer Service: I never had any issues along the way. They were quick to email me with my order confirmation and tracking number once the book was shipped. Plus, they have a great social media network and responded quickly via Instagram and Twitter.

The product: I’m in love with it. The colors are rich and vibrant. The cover perfectly wraps the book without ever coming loose. The pages feel sturdy with no gloss or reflection to damage your views.

All in all, a perfect book that tells my story of adventure.

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