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Adventure Love Stories


 How would you define “adventure”? For me, it’s about taking risks, challenging and pushing myself to places I didn’t realize I could go, experiencing new landscapes, and sleeping outside. But for you, it could be completely different. Is it spending a weekend under the stars in Yosemite together? Getting out on a river for a bit of kayaking? Or just taking a weekend trip up the coast for some nice rest and relaxation? Whatever it is, I want to find it and challenge you to go there. I’ve got this constant desire to get outside and explore. If you’re feeling the same way, let this be your excuse to get out there and go. Hit the trail, pack your gear, roll out the tent. Whatever it is, I want to encourage you and I’ll be there alongside you to document the story.   


What are adventure love stories?

Originally, this was an idea to combine my two worlds of backpacking and wedding photography. But as time went on, it became my way of inspiring couples to get outside more and have some fun amongst the mountains, forests, rivers, or wherever we ended. It’s about building a better connection, sharing stories around a campfire, spending a night or two in our tents, and immersing ourselves in a different story. Whether it be an intimate wedding, an elopement, or an engagement session, my goal is to document our journey as truthfully and real as possible.

When’s the best time to go?

Different seasons will bring different climates throughout, so it all depends on what you’re comfortable with and the skill level needed to get out. I’m not an expert in snow, so I’d say late spring to late fall are the best times. Since weddings primarily take up my time on the weekend, I’d love to get outside during the weekday with you. However if I’m open for a certain weekend, there’s no harm in getting outside.


Where would you recommend exploring?

You name it. I’ve loved the time I’ve spent throughout the Sierra’s over the past few years – Yosemite, John Muir Wilderness, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park. Some of my favorite camping photos and memories have come from these places. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve been itching to travel and shoot in some national parks outside of California. My dream list includes Zion, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, and the North Cascades. Don’t worry if you’ve never been there, it just takes some smart planning.

Why the heck are you doing this?

Spending time outside and exploring has had such a great impact on my life over the last few years. It does wonders for your soul. Just read a few passages from John Muir and you’ll start to understand the power of these mountains and what they have to offer. I want to inspire more people to get outside and live a full story, so what better way than to make an adventure of it. If you’re looking for a different type of shoot, or you’ve been wanting to plan a trip together for a while, I’m giving you a reason to go for it. Even if you just want to get out for a day and have some fun, let’s go! Or better yet, maybe you just want some badass photos together in front of some alpine lakes, sand dunes, rivers, forests, or whatever else we come across. That’s okay too, I’m just happy we’re outside together and having a good time.



How can we sign up?

If you’re looking to get out for a little adventure, send me a quick message with your ideas. We’ll chat for a bit and throw some suggestions around until we’re all stoked on the plan. You’re probably wondering about prices too. Since there’s such a wide scope of what we can do and where to go, things are going to be a bit custom for now.






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