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101 in 1001

I had originally read this idea on a blog post from Melissa Jill while researching different strategies to rebrand Brightwood. I’ve always worked better with creating goals for myself so I was instantly drawn to the idea of creating something like these, even though it seemed a bit daunting at first. Now that I can focus on the business again instead of planning a trip across the world, I’ve decided to write mine up and share it with everyone.

The idea behind “101 in 1001” is to write down 101 goals or tasks to be completed within 1001 days. I think this is a great way to keep track of long term goals and I’m very excited to start working towards accomplishing some of the things on this list. If you’ve created one yourself, feel free to leave a comment with the link because I would love to check it out and see what you’ve put.

Start: April 13th, 2013
End: January 9th, 2016

  1. Get a new car
  2. Upgrade my camera body to Canon 5D mk III
  3. Read 25 books
  4. Blog everyday for a month
  5. Turn Brightwood into an LLC
  6. Get a dog
  7. Live outside of Los Angeles
  8. Visit Iceland
  9. Have a wedding featured on Style Me Pretty
  10. Get work published in print
  11. Sell at least one photo from New Zealand
  12. Rent or own an office
  13. Increase social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
  14. Shoot 25 weddings in one year
  15. Travel to South America
  16. Climb Mt. Shasta
  17. Photograph an international wedding
  18. Take my mom to a National Park
  19. Learn to cook healthier and more frequent
  20. Crochet a beanie
  21. Create an “Ideal Client” list
  22. Design a welcome kit for new brides
  23. Put more personality into my website
  24. Attend a Creative Live session
  25. Formulate a smart and honest business plan
  26. Write down at least 5 different ways to differentiate myself from competitors
  27. Become more vocal during shoots
  28. Design and order an album full of New Zealand photos
  29. Buy a tilt-shift lens
  30. Hold a handstand for 30 seconds
  31. Write a more detailed and personalized contract
  32. Find a photography forum to become a part of and post regurarly
  33. Volunteer skills to donate to a local (or international) non-profit
  34. Shoot at least 5 stylized shoots to build portfolio and attract the right clients
  35. Feel confident in raising prices at the end of the summer
  36. Develop more appealing packages to offer
  37. Order more canvas prints to hang up
  38. Create a hanging garden
  39. Skydive (for the 3rd time)
  40. Spend a week in Yellowstone National Park
  41. Team up and meet with other photographers around me
  42. Scuba certification
  43. Publish at least 5 engagements/weddings on various blogs
  44. Enter landscape/wedding contests
  45. Attend WPPI
  46. Go to NAB in Vegas
  47. Figure out the best off-camera flash setup
  48. Shoot in a professional studio
  49. Create a “thank you” gift
  50. Complete P90x or Insanity
  51. Rock a moustache for a week without laughing at myself in the mirror
  52. Create a better system for blogging
  53. Have work featured by Visual Supply Company
  54. Inspire other photographers
  55. Photograph a wedding with my girlfriend
  56. Collaborate on a job with Sarah Lee
  57. Buy an iPad for showcasing work to clients
  58. Build a desk
  59. Improve bridal party posing
  60. Continue shooting for my three branding words
  61. Tweet at least once a day for a month
  62. Create a workflow system that I can rely on and share with others
  63. Work with a friend to create a branding video for Brightwood
  64. Road trip across the country
  65. Build a relationship with vendors in LA and OC
  66. Go on a perfect picnic
  67. Visit Yoho National Park in Canada
  68. Run a 10k
  69. Develop a “Date night” kit to send to brides before their wedding
  70. Wine tasting in Napa Valley
  71. Go to a music festival other than Coachella
  72. Fly business class
  73. Visit my friends in Austin
  74. Ride an elephant
  75. Spend a day at Knotts Berry Farm
  76. Paint a landscape on canvas
  77. Inspire someone else to create this list
  78. Eat the correct servings of fruit and vegetables for a week
  79. Send handwritten letters to friends and family
  80. Invest in cookbooks
  81. Build my savings account
  82. Less introverted and more extraverted
  83. Build a picnic bike with my roommates
  84. Donate blood once a year
  85. Start another business with a friend
  86. Crew on a music video for a popular artist
  87. Visit my family in Connecticut
  88. Watch all of the Godfather films
  89. Find 10 new restaurants in the west side
  90. Own an outfit requiring suspenders and wear it to a wedding
  91. Donate clothing I no longer wear
  92. Continue to pay off student loans
  93. See a movie at a drive-in
  94. Take my girlfriend out for a super fancy dinner
  95. Plant a tree
  96. Build an awesome sandcastle
  97. Organize all of my digital negatives
  98. Make a new friend
  99. Write 3 things I’m thankful for every night for a month
  100. Volunteer at a food shelter
  101. Live happy
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